Monday, February 16, 2015

Well I haven't been really good about keeping up to date with my blog. This is in part due to my roles as an art teacher, my work for, and other social media posts such as instagram and such. So here is a medley of different sketches. Some are work for the comic book, and others are just exemplars for my drawing class- oh and a pic of some new ink. I guess I'm sharing a variety of all new things visual so enjoy.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Cover Art for OSS upcoming release of Demon Call

This is some cover art I recently did for our digital comic series "Demon Call." If you haven't checked out my digital comics then I suggest you visit and take look. At the moment the content is free and really good so go and enjoy! Of course feedback is always appreciated and I hope you enjoy this piece.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Self Published comic book soon to be released!


For those of you following my blog or my posts on Facebook you know that me and my partner Ryan Morrow have been working on a comic book, well a couple actually. Well all that hard work is finally going to manifest itself online. Our official website launch is set for August 7th at 12:00am CDT. In addition to being able to view our comic online you will be able to connect with others in the industry as well as fans via our forum section- other details and features will be explained as we get closer to our launch date. The official company name is "One Squared Studios"- our logo and company name is showcased in the image below. Stay tuned for new exciting and creative developments!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

 These are the latest sketches that I have done in the past week. I have really been diving deep into Baroque iconography and while these sketches are still in process I thought I would share my progress thus far.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

 Well before I begin, let me say sorry for the awkward formatting on these blogs. E-Blog is not very forgiving in the placement of photos and text. After conversing with my graduate school professor recently I decided to create a blog that chronicles the passage of my work through the years. Too often people see your work and think it was always that way. It is important for me to revisit these images as well for my own personal growth and sense of context.
  I began my work at Hunter college in the late nineties doing large scale paintings that seemed more sculpture than painting. These paintings were a continuation of work I was doing in my   undergraduate program at the University of New Mexico. I apologize again for the awkward placement of this text, E-blog will not allow me to adjust. Anyways, by 2000 my work had progressed to a more illustrative style. I found myself doing a large number of charcoal drawings, when my guiding mentor and professor juan Sanchez saw these works, he said "why are you not doing this work, rather than these large scale paintings. The paintings were becoming obscelete and unable to tell the narrative I sole desired to tell in my work. By the end of my graduate year, i turned these charcoal drawings into a short film. Below, are clips from two films i made during my graduate studies at Hunter College- one film was a combined effort with fellow grad student and artist William Powhida. Once I left hunter college I had no way to take these 300lb painted monstrosities with me, so i threw them away. This photo of me in front of those paintings is one of the few remaining evidence that exists of those paintings.
  My exit from hunter college was burdened with financial troubles as well. Technology was not as cheap as it is now. My graduate thesis exhibition was supposed to run for a month, mine ran for three days.  the cost to rent an LCD projector at the time was $500.00- you can own one for that kind of cash now, but back then it wasn't the case. As a result i dismantled my show after only three days. My exit from the New York art world went out with a whimper. As the years went by I began to fully embrace my illustrative style. I continue to focus my obsession with violence and horror, and let it take form within my work. I began doing work on commission for comic books, and other commercial art avenues. I still have a desire to create a gallery show exhibiting my work in the near future, and I hope that dream will arrive sooner than later. I hope you have enjoyed this little trip down memory lane and i hope it provided more insight into my work, it certainly did for me. Again, i appreciate any feedback, if not on this site, then on facebook.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

 Well as some of you may know me and my writer partner Ryan Morrow have been working on a comic, well actually a few comics. Ryan had attemted to pedal for publishing a rough draft of one of these comics at C2E2 in Chicago this past spring, needless to say we need to get a final product together. I have posted some pics from that draft in an earlier blog post. I have been careful not discuss characters, titles and names, nor have I shown any scenes depicting characters because much of this project is still in the hush hush right now.
These latest pics are the first few pages of our main comic that we hope to have ready for
January 2012. Hopefully before then I will share character shots, panels, and disclose the title of this project, till then enjoy these small insights I am sharing. As always I appreciate any feedback.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Well another older pic. "The Hunger Artist" is now about two years old, but since I cannot remember posting this one I am bringing this little blast from the past back to the surface for another go. This type of transfiguration is where I hope to take the previous blogs piece (currently untitled and in progress). So stay tuned and we will both see what develops.